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Call Me A Jew

Directed by: Michael Pfeifenberger
99 Minutes, 2012

The complicity of large parts of the Austrian people in the Nazi extermination of the Jewish people remains a palpable presence to this day. What is it like growing up as a Jews in the land of the perpetrators? For many years, the subject of Austrian collaboration remained a taboo for survivors and their descendants, as well as for the perpetrators and their children. But does this taboo still exist for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren? The film is constructed entirely from interviews with survivors, who tell about their childhoods in Austria before WWII, the growing anti-Semitism, and their experiences during the war. The film also incorporates interviews with members of the second and third generations, living in Israel and in Austria. Through the mosaic of interviews, the film attempts to map the complex connections between yesterday and today, between private and public, in order to draw conclusions from the past.


Director: Michael Pfeifenberger

Producer: Michael Pfeifenberger

Cinematographer: Astrid Heubrandtner