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Buskila Twins

Directed by: Jacob Kotzky, Zeev Revah
93 Minutes, 1998

A comedy of errors that takes place between Paris and Eilat, and tells the story of twin brothers who have not met for 20 years: Papi, a gay fashion designer dating a deserter from the Israeli Army, and Max, his plumber brother who lives the simple family life in Eilat. A lawyer shows up one day to offer a $40 million dollar inheritance if both brothers meet the sole condition of having three children each.


Directors: Jacob Kotzky, Zeev Revah

Producer: Hanan Kotzky

Producer: Jacob Kotzky

Cast: Zeev Revah

Music: Dov Seltzer

Editor: Yitzhak Seyahek

Writer: Zeev Revah