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Brothers by Blood

Directed by: Manara Nivron
59 Minutes, 2005

Two brothers, both in their early 70s, hold a long life grudge against each other. They can be compared in so many ways, yet they cannot manage to keep a brotherly relationship, due to childhood traumas. Ehud, the eldest, can be called a ‘homeless millionaire’, whereas Zamir, the youngest, can be known as a ‘comfortably bitter man.’ They live on two separate sides of the world, one in Israel, and the other in America. One is divorced, the other is married. It’s known that blood is thicker than water; unfortunately not in this case.


Director: Manara Nivron

Producer: Manara Nivron

Cinematographer: Ori Amitay

Editor: Matan Shahar

Original music: Idan Kain