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Directed by: Julie Shles
52 Minutes, 2015

“Broke” is the story of four successful women in their fifties, who believed in education and hard work. They did all the right things, but still lost their jobs and joined the circle of poverty. Though at their prime in terms of ability and experience, the world seems to have lost interest in them. The very idea that “there is no such thing as an embarrassing job” becomes a cruel fact when a former manager, accepts work as an assistant at a day care center or as a cleaner. These women show what life looks like when people become “poor”; they feel overwhelmed by anxiety, worried that they still have thirty years ahead of them with no pension, no property and no way to make a living. Struggling to survive economically and maintain their self-esteem, they must fight to reinvent themselves.


Director: Julie Shles

Producer: Shula Spiegel