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Bride Flight

Directed by: Ben Sombogaart
130 Minutes, 2008, Drama

1953, a flood adding to the aftermath of World War II swells the numbers of Dutch emigrants. On a KLM flight to New Zealand, part of a race from London, Frank, who lost his family and colonial estate in the Japanese occupation and Indonesian civil war of Independence, meets some virtual mail order brides. Ada van Holland becomes his lover before confessing she’s already married by proxy to gloomy Calvinist Derk. Jewish concentration camp survivor Esther dodges her engagement for a fashion career and discretely has her boy Bobby adopted by infertile Marjorie, who did everything else right with husband Hans. Over the years, some of their paths cross again, all survivors meet at Frank’s funeral.


Director: Ben Sombogaart

Producer: Anton Smit

Cast: Karina Smulders

Cast: Pleuni Touw

Producer: Hanneke Niens

Cast: Anna Drijver

Cast: Willeke van Ammelrooy

Cast: Waldemar Torenstra

Written by: Marieke van der Pol

Distributor: A-Film Distribution

Distributor: Hopscotch Productions

Distributor: Music Box Films

Distributor: A-Film Home Entertainment


Winner, Nederlands Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress (2009)

Winner, Newport Beach Film Festival, Best Feature Film, Director, Actress, Screenplay, Cinematography (2010)