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Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi

Directed by: Shemi Zarhin
94 Minutes, 2003

16 years old Shlomi lives with his restless mother, his soldier brother and his ill grandfather. Although not doing well in school, Shlomi is a gifted cook and takes care of most household chores. One day, the school’s principal finds out Shlomi is actually a genius and tries to get him into a more suitable curriculum. However, Shlomi is more interested in taking care of his family and his new love interest, the beautiful girl next door.


Director: Shemi Zarhin

Producer: Eitan Evan

Cast: Oshri Cohen

Cast: Arieh Elias

Cast: Esti Zakheim

Cast: Yigal Naor

Cast: Albert Iluz

Cast: Jonathan Rozen

Cast: Rotem Abuhab

Cast: Assi Cohen

Cast: Rotem Zussman

Cast: Nisso Keavia

Cast: Hilla Sarjon

Cast: Gili Biton

Cast: Nissim Dayan

Cast: Rita Shukrun

Executive Producer: Gadi Levy

Music Composer: Jonathan Bar-Giora

Cinematographer: Itzik Portal

Film Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin

Casting Director: Esther Kling

Art Director: Ariel Glazer

Costume Designer: Inbal Shuki

Writer: Shemi Zarhin