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Blind Man’s Bluff

Directed by: Aner Preminger
93 Minutes, 1993

A young woman tries to distance herself from her Holocaust survivor parents and her ex-boyfriend. A talented pianist, Micki moves into a tiny apartment and is thrown into a world of tense relationships, including her crazy new neigbors. These relationships send her on a quest to become an independent and strong young woman. A film of inner struggles and the music which she holds so dearly.


Director: Aner Preminger

Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Nicole Castel

Cast: Albert Cohen

Cast: Nicole Castel

Cast: Gedalia Besser

Cast: Albert Cohen

Cast: Icho Avital

Original Musical Score: Haim Farmont

Cinematography: Yakov Eisenman

Film Editing: Tova Asher

Production Design: Eitan Nadel

Costume Design: Ada Levin

Sound Dept.: Shabtai Sarig