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Beyond the Walls

Directed by: Uri Barbash
103 Minutes, 1984

In Israel’s Central Prison, the security officer is corrupt, supplying drugs and stirring the hatred between Jewish and Arab prisoners to his advantage. Uri, in for 12 years for armed robbery, and Issan, in for 50 years for PLO violence, command the respect of their cells. When the Arabs are framed for the murder of a Jewish prisoner and a young inmate commits suicide rather than lie about what happened, Uri and Issan form an unlikely partnership, leading the security block on a strike. Prison officials try to break it. In the background are Uri’s daughter and Issan’s wife, women of beauty and passion who embody the distance from inside a cell to the outside


Director: Uri Barbash

Producer: Rudy Cohen

Producer: Katriel Schori

Cast: Mohammad Bakri

Cast: Rami Danon

Cast: Arnon Zadok

Cast: Boaz Sharabi

Cast: Roberto Pollak

Cast: Haim Shinar

Cast: Naffi Salach

Cast: Avi Abuav

Cast: Ali Al’Azaari

Cast: Eliezer Albala

Cast: Muhamad Ali

Cast: Yussuf Abed A’Nur

Cast: Assi Dayan

Orginal Music: Ilan Virtzberg

Editor: Tova Asher

Production Designer: Eitan Levi

Art Director: Eitan Levi

Costume Design: Zmira Hershkovitz

Sound Editor: Rivka Yogev

Key Grip: Itzik Ben-Aroya

Writer: Benny Barbash

Writer: Uri Barbash