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Directed by: Roni Aboulafia
50 Minutes, 2012

Meir Moses is on a quest to expose classified details about the affair that turned him into a haunted man. His story takes us back to one of Israel’s big myths of heroism and self-sacrifice. Fifty-eight years ago he formed part of an elite group of Israeli soldiers who were captured in Syria during a covert military operation. After weeks of interrogations, one of his unit members hung himself in his cell. When his body was returned to Israel, perforated notes fell out of his clothes. One of them read: “I did not betray, I killed myself.” General Dayan quoted this note it at the funeral, turning the young soldier who chose death over disclosing military secrets, into an ultimate hero. This proved disastrous for Meir Moses and his friends, still held in Syrian captivity. Upon returning in a prisoner-exchange deal, they found themselves in the midst of a new ordeal. The hero who returned in a coffin cast a dark shadow over the POWs who returned alive. Meir Moses was charged in a military court for Cowardice and Treason. In this personal quest, Meir yearns for redemption but his story reverberates loudly in a society that still struggles with the same dilemmas today.


Director: Roni Aboulafia

Producer: Dana Cohen

Producer: Roni Yali

Original music: Ady Cohen