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Berlin ’36

Directed by: Kaspar Heidelbach
100 Minutes, 2009, Drama; Sports

In the days leading up to the 1936 Olympics, the fate of high jumper Gretel Bergmann hangs in the balance. She is among the world’s finest athletes—but she is also Jewish, undermining the German belief that the Aryan race is superior. The Germans scheme to replace her with another woman, not knowing that “she” holds an even worse secret that could humiliate the Nazis.


Director: Kaspar Heidelbach

Cast: Karoline Herfurth

Cast: Sebastian Urzendowsky

Cast: Axel Prahl

Cast: Thomas Thieme

Written by: Lothar Kurzawa

Distributor: Corinth Films


Screened at:

*Palm Springs International Film Festival


*Atlanta Jewish Film Festival


*New York Jewish Film Festival