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Being Solomon

72 Minutes

An epic adventure of romance, magic and mayhem.  Based on a popular folk legend, in which animals, demons and humans meet, the film follows the adventures of the young King Solomon, the Arab Princess Nama and the African Queen of Sheba, as they as they struggle together against the King of Demons, Asmodeus, who is trying to seize their kingdoms.  Solomon loses his kingdom to Asmodeus and, with the help of a mischievous fox, he finds himself a penniless cook in the kingdom of Ammon, ruled by King Salim.  Salim’s daughter, Princess Nama, soon falls for Solomon, and despite a promise he has made to the Queen of Sheba, Solomon chooses Nama over the Queen.  It is a classic love triangle played out against a backdrop of good versus evil, with plenty of monsters, magic and great comedy moments.  The encounter between Solomon the Jew, the Africa Queen and Nama the Arab is also a rare opportunity to highlight the ethnic cultures that enriched this part of the Mediterranean.  The bond between the three rulers, representing everything good, and their united fight against the demons, representing all that is evil, provides a unique opportunity to bring a message of hope to people who share the same heritage and to emphasize a quest for peace in this area.


Producer: Edna Kowarsky

Producer: Catherine Robins

Producer: Reka Temple

Producer: Mohammad Yaghan