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Directed by: Amit Hecht
75 Minutes, 1997, Comedy

Lolli and Rani are a young couple who can’t make up their minds about anything. A simple decision like buying a living room couch is no easier for them than a serious decision about whether to get married or separate. Lolli want to stay in Israel. Rani wants to leave the country in search for bigger and better things. Shot in both New York & Tel Aviv, a romantic comedy about large obsessions and finding the right words.


Director: Amit Hecht

Producer: Amit Hecht

Producer: Lily Kassirer

Cast: Keren Mor

Cast: Menashe Noy

Cast: Dafna Rechter

Screenwriter: Amit Hecht

Screenwriter: Menashe Noy

Original Music: Danny Aronson

Cinematographer: Caio Ribeiro

Film Editor: Anat Lubarsky

Art Direction: Amit Hecht