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Directed by: Esty Shushan
16 Minutes, 2015

Naomi, a married ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman is expected to fulfill her life’s purpose and become a mother. She is young, immature, and has already raised children as older sister in a large Orthodox family. But no matter what, she is obliged by the social norm. Do the personal wishes of a young woman stand a chance against a rigidly conservative social structure? Will Naomi’s marriage survive the test?


Director: Esty Shushan

Producer: Offir Yitzhak

Cast: Rotem Shwartz

Cast: Bar Peled

Cast: Sarah Von Schwartze

Writer: Estabrak Aqel

Cinematographer: Yoav Gretner

Editor: Elad Sulami

Sound: Daniel Dolan

Costume designer: Malky Fogel

Sound: Nir Antman