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The Ballad of the Weeping Spring

Directed by: Benny Toraty
105 Minutes, 2012, Drama

Amram, the son of Avraham Mufredi, turns up at the house of the legendary Persian tar (lute) player, Yosef Tawilla. Amram gives him the score of a work that his father, a member of Tawilla’s ensemble and his partner, wants to see performed before his impending death. But Tawilla hasn’t played in years; scarred by trials and a prison sentence, he has been sinking deeper and deeper into depression. But he decides to take on his friend’s wish. They set out on a journey of discovery joined by groups of wonderful musicians. Amram will find love and Tawilla, if he succeeds, will fulfill Avraham Mufredi’s dying wish—and maybe heal his own tormented soul.


Director: Benny Toraty

Producer: Leon Edery

Producer: Moshe Edery

Producer: Chayim Sharir

Cast: Uri Gavriel

Cast: Yigal Adika

Cast: Lirit Balaban

Written by: Benny Toraty

Distributor: Israeli Films