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Directed by: Ibtisam Mara’ana
56 Minutes, 2005, Documentary

A Badal marriage is when a brother and sister from one family marry a sister and brother from another family, interlocking the two couples forever. If one of these couples divorces, the other must as well. This is common practice in Muslim families in the Middle East.

The director’s aunt, Um Waji, married off her 10 sons and daughters in Badal deals. Now Um Waji is looking for a Badal arrangement for her eldest son Waji, a widower, and his 21-year-old daughter Miada, an unusual arrangement. Through the story of the girls in Um Waji’s courtyard, the film examines a cycle of oppression exercised by women against women. It also portrays the lives of Palestinian women living within Israel and their struggle to be a part of their traditional society, while they strive to maintain their full rights as women and citizens of a Jewish state.

A woman in a green headscarf looks down.


Director: Ibtisam Mara’ana

Distributor: Ibtisam Films


HOT DOCS 2006, Best mid-length documentary.

"Sole e Luna" Doc Fest, First prize 2006.

Winner of Spirit of Freedom Award for Best Project

IDFA 2005, Silver wolf competition.

Montpellier Film Festival, 2006.

International women film festival, Israel 2006.

International Human Rights film festival, Nazareth 2006.

Tempo Documentary Festival 2006.

"Middle East: What Can Cinema Do?" Paris 2007.

Roma Film Festival, 2007.