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Babylon Dreamers

Directed by: Roman Shumunov
87 Minutes, 2016

An intimate story from Israel’s periphery. A group of young dancers from Ashdod, whose members are immigrants from the former Soviet Union, is trying to win the International Breakdance Championship. The competition is the highlight of their dreams as dancers, but as we watch them prepare, we encounter a world of crisis and alienation. Mixer, 27, is supporting his family and trying to help his younger brothers, who still live with their alcoholic mother. Potter, 21, is in the army now; he still dreams of dancing, but has no one to help him care for his mother, who is ill. And yet, despite the hardships, these bold dancers confront reality head-on, because desperation is a luxury that they can hardly afford.


Director: Roman Shumunov

Producer: Doron Tsabari

Cinematographer: Roman Shumunov

Original music: Frank Ilfman