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Directed by: Mike Burstyn
80 Minutes, 2017, Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

The Sinai Desert, the day after the Israeli/Egyptian ceasefire, June, 1967. An Egyptian soldier, the only survivor of his destroyed convoy, manages to reach an abandoned UNEF outpost in the middle of the desert. Circumstances bring an Israeli sergeant on his overheated Jeep to the same outpost. Getting off his vehicle to seek shelter from the blazing sun, he is surprised by the Egyptian. During the ensuing firefight both men get trapped in the abandoned post; the Israeli on the ground floor, the Egyptian on the upper. Outside stands the Jeep, awaiting the victor.

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Director: Mike Burstyn

Producer: Mike Burstyn

Producer: Moshe Edery

Producer: Shuki Friedman

Producer: Oudi Recanati

Cast: Yiftach Klein

Cast: Sammy Sheik

Cinematographer: Ram Shweky

Original music: Sharon Farber

Editor: Alain Jakubowicz