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August: A Moment Before the Eruption

Directed by: Avi Mograbi
72 Minutes, 2002

In an absurdist romp reminiscent of Nanni Moretti’s Dear Diary, Mograbi sets out to make a film about what it is he hates about August in Israel. After a series of false starts derided by his wife as morbid and uninspiring, the true theme of his project emerges: recording people’s reactions to his own artifice as filmmaker. Arab workers, wealthy Jewish suburbanites, soccer yobs, Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli policemen – no one escapes the dogged gaze of his camera, the acerbic righteousness of his wit. A curious, scathing satire of a society fuelled by hatred, intolerance and misunderstanding.


Director: Avi Mograbi

Producer: Avi Mograbi

Cinematographer: Philippe Bellaiche

Cinematographer: Eitan Harris

Cinematographer: Avi Mograbi