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Directed by: Tzvika Kertzner, Akiva Tevet
90 Minutes, 1984

A powerful story, set on kibbutz, of the love between an older woman and a young man. Atalia is a war widow, whose defiant life style is in contradiction to the conventions of kibbutz life. She has become a true outsider, alienated yet psychologically tied to the world of her past, a world she seems unable to leave.


Directors: Tzvika Kertzner, Akiva Tevet

Producer: Omri Maron

Producer: Danny Shick

Producer: Shmuel Shiloh

Writer: Itzhak Ben-Ner

Writer: Tzvika Kertzner

Original Music: Nachum Heiman

Cinematographer: Nurit Aviv

FIlm Editing: Ruben Korenfeld

Makeup artist: Mary Ellen Yitznikov

Sound mixer: Haim Avish

Additional photographer: Ofer Inov

Grip: Rami Levy