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Directed by: Ruthy Pribar
85 Minutes, 2020, Drama; Fiction; Israel Film Center Festival

Asia tells the story of a single mom, Asia, whose relationship with her daughter, Vika, is more of a sister relationship rather than mother-daughter. Asia’s expectations of honesty and openness begin to negatively impact her relationship with Vika, who strives for privacy and independence. When Vika’s health begins to decline, this only increases her desire for exploration, and Asia finds herself at a crossroads between her own parenting style and respecting her daughter’s point of view. It is a story of navigating relationships and motherhood.


Director: Ruthy Pribar

Cast: Shira Haas

Cast: Alena Yiv

Cast: Tamir Mulla

Writer: Ruthy Pribar

Editor: Neta Dvorkis

Cinematography: Daniella Nowitz


Israeli Academy Awards

Tribeca Film Festival

Jerusalem Film Festival


From Daniella Nowitz’s muted, intimately lit lensing to the plaintive, judiciously used piano strains of Karni Postel’s score, every formal element of “Asia” serves to illustrate and enrich the tricky, evolving relationship at its center — brushing, rather than milking, the viewer’s tear ducts along the way.