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As Tears Go By

Directed by: Eitan Green
97 Minutes, 1996

Yaakov Cherniak and his son Itzhak are the owners of a small company, organizing parties and special events. They go to weddings, Bar -Mitzva’s, and Birthdays, providing the sound equipment and a female singer who sings Israeli songs.Their dream is to expand into a big time catering service. But in order to do so, Itzhak has to pass the driving license’s exam and drive the company van. Itzhak’s pressure and excitment prior to every test keep him failing. Yaakov tries to strenghten his son. But he is victim of an heart attack. The license becomes a necessity and the whole family and friends join Itzhak’s efforts.


Director: Eitan Green

Producer: Einat Dvash

Producer: Idan Regev

Cast: Avi Graynik

Cast: Arie Moskuna

Editor: Era Lapid

Production Design: Boaz Katzenelson

Art Director: Boaz Katzenelson