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Directed by: Arik Rotstein
100 Minutes, 2016

Yehoshua, 84 years old, discovers a cellular antenna on the roof of his two-family home. It turns out that his neighbor has rented out his part of the roof to the cellphone company. Yehoshua believes that all his ailments are caused by the radiation of the antenna, and his feelings escalate into an obsession as he sets out to wage war with his evil neighbor. His wife and three grown sons are unwillingly swept into this battle, revealing their personal problems and forcing them to confront the dark shadow of their father Yehoshua, a Holocaust survivor.
Laughter and tears mix in this family drama that explores the hidden ways our older generation’s post-traumatic past is still shaping our lives here to this day.This is the first feature film from veteran TV director Arik Rotstein.


Director: Arik Rotstein