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An X-Ray Burst

Directed by: Eitan Tzur
90 Minutes, 2008, Romance

Ilan Ben Natan, a 48 years old man, professor in the Technion in Haifa, married to a 25 years old woman-Naomi. His love for her is obsessive. He watches every move she makes and that’s how he finds out she has a lover. One day Ilan goes to the lover’s house in a madness attack he kills him. Ilan’s mother helps her son and together they bury the body.


Director: Eitan Tzur

Producer: Eilon Ratzkovsky

Producer: Elie Meirovitz

Producer: Yohanan Kredo

Cast: Melanie Peres

Cast: Josef Polek

Cast: Orna Porat

Production Manager: Eilia Libman

Director of Photography: Shai Goldman

Production Designer: Eitan Levi