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An American Citizen

Directed by: Eitan Green
100 Minutes, 1992

A sports writer cannot choose between being objective or showing sympathy for the local basketball team and its American star. He is then asked to manage the team,and over time realizes that he must be himself, and not someone else.


Director: Eitan Green

Producer: Avi Kleinberger

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Cast: Avital Yicho

Cast: Guy Grener

Cast: Haim Banay

Cast: Seffie Adir

Cast: Baruch David

Cast: Ava Haddad

Cast: Art Housey

Cast: Ge’ullah Levi

Cast: Ayala Verete

Cast: Sollta Rodrigo

Cast: Danny Roth

Cast: David Mandil and Eyal Shiray

Cast: Manasseh Vershavky

Screenwriter: Eitan Green

Director of Photography: Danny Shwartz