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Directed by: Amos Gitai
122 Minutes, 2003, Comedy; Drama; Romance

In Tel Aviv, the gloomy Ezra hires foreign workers without permits to build an addition to a homely block of flats, where his ex-wife Mali lives with her current lover Ilan. Ezra and Mali’s young son Eyal hates the army and is AWOL, living among prostitutes and drug dealers. Gabi, a beautiful young woman who’s a friend of Mali’s, is carrying on an affair with Hezi, an older man insisting on secrecy. Hezi rents an apartment at the building for their trysts. Neighbors complain about the noise of their lovemaking and of the construction. Lives in this apartment complex revolve slowly one around another, and in Israeli society, “Everyone’s out for himself”.


Director: Amos Gitai

Producer: Alain Mamou-Mani

Producer: Amos Gitai

Producer: Michel Propper

Writer: Marie-Jose Sanselme

Writer: Amos Gitai

Cast: Ronit Elkabetz

Cast: Yael Abecassis

Cast: Uri Klauzner

Cast: Amos Lavi

Cast: Hana Laszlo


Israeli Film Academy Awards, Nominated for Best Costume Design (Laura Dinolesko)  

Israeli Film Academy Awards, Nominated Best Supporting Actress (Hana Laszlo)  

Valladolid International Film Festival, Nominated for the Golden Spike Award (Amos Gitai) 

Venice Film Festival, Nominated for the Golden Lion Award (Amos Gitai)