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Alenbi Romance

Directed by: Yanai Goz, Yoni Zicholtz
50 Minutes, 2005, Romance

“All of those romantic movies are always in foreign cities. It’s always Tokyo, Paris, Rome, New York. It’s easier over there. The hardest thing is being romantic in your own city. Your city is always against you, trying to ruin it for you. It’s not easy, all this romance”. Nico and Neta, two lonesome souls, embark on a romantic journey through the moonlit streets of Tel-Aviv, where they will meet all the beauty and vitality of the city, but also all of the hurt and suffering lying beneath its glittering veneer.


Directors: Yanai Goz, Yoni Zicholtz

Producer: Yanai Goz

Producer: Yoni Zicholtz

Cast: Danny Geva

Cast: Hili Yalon

Cast: Daniel Magon

Cinematographer: Itai Ben-Ezra

Editor: Dana Goren

Writer: Yanai Goz

Writer: Yoni Zicholtz