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Ahead of Time

Directed by: Robert Richman
73 Minutes, 2009

‘Ahead of Time’, a documentary on the remarkable life of Ruth Gruber. At 97 years old, Brooklyn-born Ruth still has that same sharp intellect and moxie that propelled her to become the world’s youngest PhD at age 20. At age 24, she became a New York Herald Tribune reporter and photographer and the same year was the first journalist to enter the Soviet Arctic. A trusted member of the Roosevelt Administration during WWII, she was given a dangerous secret mission. A feminist before feminism, Ruth was never just an observer, she was a participant in the making of history. Ruth covered the turbulent Middle East throughout the 1940’s, and the film combines verité footage of Ruth traveling back to Israel, with interviews and archival material


Director: Robert Richman

Cast: Ike Aronowitz

Cast: Ruth Gruber

Cast: Harold Ickes

Cast: Tom Segev

Cast: Eli Wallach