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Again Forever

Directed by: Oded Kotler
91 Minutes, 1985

Effi Avidar, played by Chaim Topol, is reconsidering his marriage after a near death experience. He also finds that he is at odds in attempting to find a place in his daughters life and a very political 1977 Israel.


Director: Oded Kotler

Producer: Nurith Shani

Cast: Chaim Topol

Cast: Galia Topol

Cast: Efraim Stan

Cast: Anath Topol

Cast: Nathan Dattner

Cast: Saria Tzuriel

Cast: Ori Levy

Cinematographer: Hanania Baer

Screenwriter: Itzhak Ben-Ner

Cinematographer: Anat Lubarsky

Art Director: Avi Avivi