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A Strange Course of Events

Directed by: Raphael Nadjari
98 Minutes, 2013, Drama

Trying to overcome his difficult emotional state, Shaul, a solitary divorced man,goes to Haifa to confront his father.


Director: Raphael Nadjari

Producer: Itai Tamir

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Producer: Caroline Beaumarchand

Writer: Raphael Nadjari

Writer: Geoffrey Grison

Cinematographer: Laurent Brunet

Editor: Simon Birman



I was in Haifa Film Festival and the audience reacted greatly to the film. People were deeply moved by the simplicity and the great direction of actors. Finally a film that doesn’t need to use effects in order to achieve emotion. The story, the improvisation, the photography, the amazing casting, the music were in a way outstanding. It is a film about reconciliation and love. Intimate and refreshing mental pictures. It defines a cinema that allow audiences to fill the voids, to continue the story telling once at home. There aren’t so many films like this anymore but in a way it makes it even more special. Very unique. At the end of the day cinema is about to see a light in the dark, meaning the task of cinema is to give hope through understanding and acceptation of the other. ‘A strange course of events’ is all about that…