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A Nightmare on Bialik Street

Directed by: Aylam Orian
11 Minutes, 2010, Documentary

An amateur film crew shoots a scene on a quiet city street, when something quite out of the ordinary, taken from another film, happens… This is a film about a film about a film, which pays homage to several key films in the history of cinema.


Director: Aylam Orian

Producer: Aylam Orian

Cast: Tamar Milstein

Cast: Iosi Hart

Cast: Aylam Orian

Cast: Noam Knoller

Cast: Raanan Tesler

Cast: Galit Pick

Cast: Tali Afnaim

Cast: Shomron Ben Horin

Cinematographer: Yoel Frohlich

Cinematographer: Inbal Shneidor

Cinematographer: Aylam Orian

Editor: Aylam Orian

Writer: Aylam Orian