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A Fool’s Dream

Directed by: Daniel Syrkin, Ido Bahat
60 Minutes, 2007, Documentary

Lev Syrkin was a successful artist in Moscow who dreamed of pursuing artistic and personal freedom in Israel. He abandoned his reputable status in Russia and moved to Israel with his entire family, only to be welcomed by indifference toward the mosaic art he practiced. Director Daniel Syrkin takes a journey through Israel, lovingly tracing his tenacious immigrant father’s struggles, accomplishments and hopes as an artist. Along the way, his father’s biggest dream becomes Daniel’s own: the creation of a huge mosaic portraying the dove of peace in the heart of Jerusalem. As this dream is revived, father and son encounter apathy and disappointment, but with a twist of optimism, which only fuels their dedication to public art.


Directors: Daniel Syrkin, Ido Bahat

Producer: Daniel Syrkin

Producer: Dana Eden

Writer: Daniel Syrkin

Writer: Ido Bahat


Winner of Jerusalem Film Festival Best Documentary