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A Five Minute Walk

Directed by: Itay Lev
93 Minutes, 2001, Drama; Romance

An abundance of characters with much to do and little to lose, go out into the Tel Aviv night aiming to return home safely with what they need: 20 kilos of coke, a black and white film, or love. They will meet much more quickly than they imagined. A five minute walk separates police from criminals, enemies from lovers, a happy ending from an inevitable tragedy. A story on new beginnings and endings all in a period of 24 hours.


Director: Itay Lev

Cast: Sharon Alexander

Cast: Adam Horowitz

Cast: Tal Kahana

Production Manager : Itzik Cohen

Editor : Gabi Shichur

Sound Engineer : Yaron Shefer

Gaffer : Ram Tzizling

Sound Man : Patrick Sabag

Continuity: Shila Farber

Original Music : Rea Mochiach

Cinematographer: Asaf Sudri


A Five Minutes Walk, an Israeli film made in an around Tel Aviv, is a compelling story shot in black-and-white about the machinations of intertwined lives: policemen, drug dealers, bar workers and a film director and his crew. It is recommended as a very nice piece of work from a part of the world many in the USA are not familiar with. The actors have done a good job of presenting the story and the leads are both persuasive and attractive. It is worth the time and effort to see it. One slight issue is that the subtitled translations are not very good and occasionally there are mistakes. Generally speaking, however, it is an interesting movie about the seamier sides of Israeli life that is well worth the viewer’s effort.