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7 Days in St. Petersburg

Directed by: Reuven Brodsky
60 Minutes, 2015

Liza hasn’t seen her son Leonid, a deserter from the army, in twelve years. Now she is flying to Russia to bring him back to Israel. Her seven days there are like a brief leave from prison. Time is limited. Nothing is trivial. And yet, during this short visit, she manages to bridge the emotional gulf that has opened between them, and awakes in Leonid a longing for his family, for Israel. What he refuses to accept is the price that he must pay for returning: a year and a half in military prison. This price seems especially high since just before his mother comes to get him, Leonid meets Natasha, a pretty hairdresser.


Director: Reuven Brodsky

Producer: Reuven Brodsky


Winner of DOCAVIV Best Editing Award