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10% – What Makes a Hero?

Directed by: Yoav Shamir
92 Minutes, 2013, Documentary

What makes a hero? What compels someone to maintain their integrity, go against the grain and fight for what is just? Award-winning director Yoav Shamir sets out on an entertaining and insightful international quest, exploring the notion of heroism through a multi-faceted lens. From ordinary heroes to freesom fighters, primates to humans, behavioral scientists to geneticists, even Ayn Rand to Raelians, Shamir leaves no stone unturned, and along the way unveils the fundamental truths of human nature.


Director: Yoav Shamir

Producer: Tanya Aizikovich

Producer: Michael Moore

Producer: Karina Rotenstein

Producer: Yoav Shamir

Cast: Philip Zimbardo

Cinematographer: Tanya Aizikovich

Cinematographer: Yoav Shamir

Editor: Omri Ayalon

Editor: Sasha Franklin