Mind Fuck

Yaki just wanted to make a porn film. As a child growing up in an ultra-orthodox family (very religious), he never even heard about this “dubious” genre. Actually, he never even encountered the world of television and film. After shooting his little film, he starts developing his interest in video-art, with the help of his good friend Ricardo. Through this medium he explores the connection between sex and religion, myth and anxiety, body and soul. This is his self portrait.

The Unforgettables

Dora, a young and passionate French photographer documenting the Israeli memorial culture, falls in love with Yossi, a former Israeli soldier who is searching for a new identity which is not related to his army days. Unable to confront him, she runs away and Yossi embarks on a journey to find her. This journey will take him through forgotten memories, and lead him to confront his past. 

Under The Same Sun

The film is set in the near future, and it looks back at the story of two businessmen – one Palestinian and one Israeli – who struggle to set up a solar energy company. Both come from societies where there is strong opposition to cooperating with the other, and the film tells how they overcome hostility from within their own families and from the people around them. In the end, they mount a Facebook campaign that impacts both their joint venture and ultimately changes the political map.

Lady Slaughter and Lord Savage Vegan OR Meat Mutineers

In this video piece, the two evils of human civilization–chauvinism and animal slaughter–come head to head in battle.  Leah is loved by a devout vegan, whose love is blind and obsessive.  He turns violent when he learns that she slaughters cattle for a living.  The cruel and hte beautiful, the shrewd and the bestial–are all fused together in a unique punk ballad.

Tour 1

My work was influenced by growing up as fourth and youngest child in my family, a sister to three older brothers.  I grew up in front of the TV, which made me restless and bored, and so I invented imaginary games to entertain myself.  I constantly wanted to go out on new adventures, just like in the movies.  Although by now I realize the difference between movies and reality, this has had a great impact on my present confused and somewhat crazy personality.

Love is Blind and Deaf

Adam and Eve move in together.  Only this time there’s no Garden of Eden                                         No snake to blame and not much of a god to be afraid of.  Just two people struggling to get along together, one apple and some fig leaves.  Based on a new story by Jonathan Safran Foer, this short film is a part of a new cultural venture called ‘StoryVid’, combining a short story reading with visual videography.

Wrestling Jerusalem

Writer-Actor Aaron Davidman embodies seventeen different characters in and around the sacred city of Jerusalem as he takes us on an eye-opening journey into the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian story. Exploring universal questions of identity and human connection, this film dares the audience to leave the theater with their pre-existing ideas about its subject matter intact.