• Starring: Fernando Luján, Cecilia Suárez, Ari Brickman, Verónica Langer
  • Written By: Mariana Chenillo
  • Distributed By: Menemsha Films
  • Country: Mexico
  • Language: Spanish

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Nora's Will

Jewish | 2010 | 90 min.
Directed by: Mariana Chenillo

When his ex-wife Nora dies right before Passover, José (Fernando Luján) is forced to stay with her body until she can be properly put to rest. He soon realizes he is part of Nora's plan to bring her family back together for one last Passover feast, leading José to reexamine their relationship and rediscover their undying love for each other.

Critical Acclaim

Mexican Academy of Film
Ariel Awards 2009
- Best Picture of the Year
- Best Actor (Fernando Luján)
- Best Supporting Actress
(Angelina Peláez)
- Best Original Screenplay
(Mariana Chenillo)
- Best Score (Dario Gonzalez)
- Best Makeup
- Best First Film (Mariana Chenillo)

Audience Award
Athens Jewish Film Festival 2011

Jury Award
Best Director, Best First Film
Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2009

Best Film
Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2009

Silver St. George Award - Best Director
Moscow International Film Festival 2009

Audience Award
Miami International Film Festival 2009

Audience Award
Morelia International Film Festival 2008

A.F.C.A.E Award for Best Film
Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema 2009

Best Mexican Film
Expresion en Corto International Film Festival 2009

Grand Coral Award
Havana Film Festival 2009

Silver Colon Award
Best Actor (Fernando Luján)
Huelva Latin American Film Festival 2009

Best Screenplay
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2009

Audience Award - Best Narrative Feature
Cine Las Americas Film Festival 2009

"Tremendously appealing... This tale of a man's fight against his dead ex-wife's final wishes, set in Mexico's Jewish community, has universal appeal."

-Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times (One of Turan’s Top Ten Films of the Year)

“An unexpectedly droll tale about a funeral, "Nora's Will" demonstrates the power of some people to reach beyond the grave.

-John Hartl, Seattle Times

“In her feature film debut, Mexican writer/director Mariana Chenillo has woven a genuine charmer, tartly funny and irreverent yet warm and poignant, a testament to enduring love.

-Bruce Demara, Toronto Star

“Lujan does what only the best actors can -- infusing the slightness not with actual substance but at least with the idea of substance, with a road map to where the writer could have located it. In Nora's Will, his performance points the way.”


-Rick Groen, Globe and Mail

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