• Production: Delante Films Karé Productions
  • Starring: Jacques Gamblin, Sara Forestier, Zinedine Soualem, Carole Franck, Jacques Boudet, Michèle Moretti
  • Written By: Michel Leclerc, Baya Kasmi
  • Distributed By: TF1 International
  • Country: France
  • Language: French

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The Names of Love

Narrative | 2010 | 100 min.
Directed by: Michel Leclerc

The film is semi-biographical, documenting the life of a young woman who uses sex as a weapon to influence right-wing individuals and conservative Muslims. Baya Benmahmoud, a scatter-brained, free-spirited, young left-wing activist, sleeps with her political opposites in order to manipulate them to her cause, until she finds her match in Arthur Martin.

Critical Acclaim

Winner, Cesar Awards, Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay (2011)

Winner, Etoiles d'Or, Best Actress (2011)


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