• Production: Producers: Chaim Sharir, Moshe Edri, Leon Edery Production company: Yezira Ivrit
  • Starring: Uri Gavriel, Yigal Adika, Lirit Balaban
  • Written By: Benny Toraty
  • Distributed By: Israeli Films
  • Country: Israel

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The Ballad of the Weeping Spring

Narrative | 2012 | 105 min.
Directed by: Benny Toraty

Critical Acclaim

*Won: Israeli Academy Awards: Best Original Music, Best Original Sountrack, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design

*Won: Jerusalem International Film Festival: Best Music Award

“…the camaraderie and playing among the musicians is a thrill and will leave you wanting to hear more from the exotic-looking drums and stringed instruments, like the rare Persian oud.

--Nora Mandel, Film Festival Traveler  

“…locations that appear mythical and timeless…a strikingly unique soundtrack consisting of Mizrahi music, a style that blends Middle Eastern and North African influences…

--Lindsay Waite,




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