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Directed by: Mushon Salmona
90 Minutes, 2007, Drama

Vasermil tells the story of a group of adolescents who live in the same tough neighborhood of Beer-Sheba, growing up in an unforgiving environment, pinning their hopes on football as a way out. Shlomi lives with his widowed mother and works as a pizza boy; Adiel, who is of Ethiopian descent, has to look after his young brother and sick mother; and Dima is a new immigrant from Russia, whose family barely makes ends meet. United by a coach in their shared passion for football, the three must learn to work together, accept each others’ difference, and overcome old prejudices—to compete for the game and for a brighter future.

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Director: Mushon Salmona

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Producer: Michael Rozenbaum

Producer: Itai Tamir

Cast: Avinoam Blumenkrantz

Cast: Benni Adega

Cast: Edna Fanta

Cast: Oksana Sokol

Cast: Rachel Melesa

Cast: Hani Peretz

Written by: Mushon Salmona

Distributor: Film Movement