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Out of Sight

Directed by: Daniel Syrkin
86 Minutes, 2005

Ya’ara, a young blind woman, works towards her degree at Princeton University. In addition to the personal hardships that she must overcome due to her disability, she finds out that her cousin and best friend, Talia, has just committed suicide.  She returns to Israel, joining in the family’s observation of the seven days of mourning (shiva), and uncovers the secrets behind Talia’s death.


Director: Daniel Syrkin

Producer: Ayelet Imberman

Producer: Yoram Mandel

Producer: Mirit Tovi

Cast: Tali Sharon

Cast: Sandra Sade

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Michael Aloni

Cast: Avigail Harari

Cast: Guy Loel

Cast: Isarel Poliakov

Cinematographer: Giora Bejach

Editor: Boaz Leon

Writer: Noa Greenberg

Sound: Israel David