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One Day You’ll Understand

Directed by: Amos Gitai
90 Minutes, 2008, Drama

As the trial of the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie plays on television in the background, a Frenchman named Victor (Hippolyte Girardot) combs through documents, hoping to uncover the truth about his family’s past. This draws him into an astonishing journey into the psyche of three generations of a Catholic French family after discovering their parents and grandparents were victims of the Holocaust. Amos Gitai’s films introduce a new generation and their questions and judgements of the Holocaust and the part that the host societies and the surviving generations, both Jewish and Gentile, owe to the remembrance for the sufferers and for future generations to try to understand.


Director: Amos Gitai

Producer: Nicole Collet

Producer: Amos Gitai

Producer: Serge Moati

Producer: Laurent Truchot

Cast: Jeanne Moreau

Cast: Hippolyte Girardot

Cast: Emmanuelle Devos

Cast: Dominique Blanc

Cast: Daniel Duval

Cast: Denise Aron-Schropfer

Written by: Dan Franck

Written by: Amos Gitai

Written by: Marie-Jose Sanselme

Written by: Jerome Clement

Distributor: Kino International