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Directed by: Ayelet Menahemi
101 Minutes, 2006

At thirty-seven, Miri is a twice-widowed, El Al flight attendant.  Her well-regulated existence is suddenly turned upside down by an abandoned Chinese boy whose migrant-worker mother has been summarily deported from Israel.  The film is a touching comic-drama in which two human beings — as different from each other as Tel Aviv is from Beijing — accompany each other on a remarkable journey, one that takes them both back to a meaningful life.


Director: Ayelet Menahemi

Producer: Assaf Amir

Producer: Yoav Roeh

Cast: Ludmilla Juliette

Cast: BaoQi Chen

Cast: Alon Abutbul

Cast: Yiftach Klein

Cast: Anat Waxman

Original Music: Haim Frank Ilfman

Cinematography: Itzik Portal

Writer: Shemi Zarhin

Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin