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My Father, My Lord (Chufshat Ha’kaitz)

Directed by: David Volach
72 Minutes, 2007, Drama

Israeli director David Volach’s chamber drama My Father, My Lord provides an intense character study of a rabbi in an Orthodox neighborhood, whose letter-of-the-law application of Talmudic tenets takes an exacting toll on his life. He must thus grapple with the conflicting demands of his belief system and his familial obligations to his wife and child.



Director: David Volach

Producer: Eyal Shiray

Producer: Gill Sassover

Cast: Sharon Hacohen

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Ilan Griff

Written by: David Volach

Distributor: Kino International

Distributor: Sophie Dulac Distribution

Distributor: Erez Films

Distributor: Artificial Eye

Distributor: EZ Films


“'My Father My Lord,' an Israeli movie that was named best narrative feature at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, observes the severe family life of Abraham; his wife, Esther (Sharon Hacohen Bar); and their young son, Menachem (Ilan Griff). An inquisitive boy, Menachem worships his father but rebels against him in the small, seemingly harmless ways that all children do against authority."--New York Times