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Directed by: Eran Paz
54 Minutes, 2010, Documentary

Israeli filmmaker Eran Paz depicts the life of several residents of Shapira, a downbeat district in the south of Tel Aviv. The population is a mixture of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, refugees and jobless, junkies and prostitutes who live in substandard, often provisional, housing. Jeremiah, AKA Yura, is a local who sounds as rough and ready as his surroundings, but his heart is in the right place and his home is filled with people he’s taking care of. Caring and resolute, Yura makes sure things stay on more or less on track and nobody disappears without trace. Doing without commentary or interviews, but staying close to the protagonists all the same, the documentary describes the district and its everyday life: the haggling over second-hand TV sets, the binges on cheap red wine. But things are about to change: Yura plans to move to a different city along with his wife Tanya and their children.

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Director: Eran Paz

Producer: Eran Paz & Ilan Moskovitch

Distributor: JMT Films Distribution


* ''Festival Winners'': Krakow Film Festival - Poland 2011

* GoEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, Wiesbaden - Germany 2011

* Best Director Award (Documentary): Jerusalem International Film Festival - Israel 2010