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Five Hours from Paris

Directed by: Leonid Prudovsky
90 Minutes, 2008

On a 5-hours flight from Paris, in a working-class suburb of Tel Aviv, two people meet.
He is a bred-and-born Israeli and she is a Russian immigrant.
He is a taxi driver and she is a music teacher.
He has no aspirations. She gave up hers long ago.
He is afraid of flying and she is about to fly away.
What are the odds of them ending up together?


Director: Leonid Prudovsky

Producer: Estee Yacov-Mecklberg

Producer: Haim Meckelberg

Producer: Leon Edery

Producer: Moshe Edery

Cast: Helena Yaralova

Cast: Dror Keren

Cast: Michael Warchaviak

Cast: Yoram Toledano

Cast: Vladimir Freidman

Cast: Dorit Lev-Ari

Production Designer: Dror Elchadad

Editor: Yevgeni Roman

Production Manager: Noam Idan

Director of Photography: Giora Bejach