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Directed by: Joseph Cedar
96 Minutes, 2004, Drama; Romance

Rachel Gerlik (Michaela Eshek), the widowed mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, who wants to join the founding group of a new religious settlement in the West Bank. She must first convince the acceptance committee that she is worthy, but without a husband finds it challenging. Her daughters feel alienated from her, especially her desire to move to the West Bank, and her daughter Tami (Hani Furstenburg) finds herself attracted to a boy named Rafi from a youth movement. But when an incident at a campfire spirals into malicious, untrue rumors about Tami, Rachel has to figure out how to save her daughters, save their future, and figure out how to move forward.

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Director: Joseph Cedar

Producer: David Mandil

Producer: Eyal Shiray

Cast: Michaela Eshet

Cast: Hani Furstenberg

Cast: Moshe Ivgy

Cast: Maya Maron

Cast: Oshri Cohen

Cast: Yehoram Gaon

Distributor: Film Movement