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Directed by: Niv Klainer
84 Minutes, 2009, Drama

Amos is a mental health worker, widower, and father to Yurik, a mentally ill teenager. One day, while visiting one of his patients, Amos discovers Bena, an illegal Thai immigrant. Instead of turning her in, Amos brings her home to care for Yurik. As a fragile, warm and intimate relationship develops between Bena & Amos, Yurik grows jealous and starts to abuse Bena. With no one to turn to, and with Amos’ refusal to hospitalize Yurik, Bena is trapped in a precarious situation…


Director: Niv Klainer

Producer: EZ FilmsProducers: Itai Tamir

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Producer: Elie Meirovitz

Cast: Dafna Armoni

Cast: Aryeh Cherner

Cast: Michael Moshonov

Cast: Eyal Nachmias

Cast: Guy Salman

Cast: Rachel Santillan

Cast: Shmuel Vilozni

Distributor: EZ Films



Haifa IFF, 2009 Toronto IFF, 2009 Karlovy Vary IFF – July 2010 San Francisco JFF – July 2010