Here We Are Still

Here We Are

Aharon is a devoted father, who in order to avoid putting his son Uri into a supervised home, escapes with him on an adventure throughout Israel. Director Nir Bergman (Broken Wings) takes us on a touching father and son road-trip, examining family relations and separation.


Asia tells the story of a single mom, Asia, whose relationship with her daughter, Vika, is more of a sister relationship rather than mother-daughter. Asia’s expectations of honesty and openness begin to negatively impact her relationship with Vika, who strives for privacy and independence. When Vika’s health begins to decline, this only increases her desire for exploration, and Asia finds herself at a crossroads between her own parenting style and respecting her daughter’s point of view. It is a story of navigating relationships and motherhood.

Honeymood Still


From the breakthrough director of Zero Motivation comes Honeymood, a romantic comedy set over the course of one night in Jerusalem. A bride and groom arrive at a lavish hotel suite after their wedding. What should have been a romantic night together turns into a fight that develops into a dazed urban journey, making them confront past loves, repressed doubts, and the lives they have left behind.

The Other Story poster

The Other Story

Renowned filmmaker Avi Nesher’s latest film The Other Story tells a suspenseful, poignant, and humorous story through the eyes of two rebellious young women from two troubled families that tangle in the most unexpected ways in Jerusalem. As the characters’ warring personal convictions and intimate anxieties clash, the secular and religious world views they hold dear also come to embody the struggle for identity reflecting present-day Israel.

Darien Dilemma poster

The Darien Dilemma

A father and his filmmaker son explore the previously untold Holocaust story of 1,000 Viennese Jews stranded on the frozen Danube River in 1941 awaiting rescue by Ruth Klieger, a senior agent of the newly created Mossad. Intriguing storytelling weaves together interviews with survivors, dramatic reenactments, and a father who must tell this story.

Rafting to Bombay poster

Rafting to Bombay

While filming his father revisiting his childhood city of Mumbai, India, Israeli director Erez Laufer finds himself caught in the worst terror attack in the history of the city. As the drama of the terrorist takeover of Chabad House in Mumbai unfolds, the Laufer family recounts how they found refuge there in the 1940s after fleeing the Nazis.

Past and present collide as the family history is echoed in a contemporary war, and a little-known story emerges of the Jewish refugees who found a safe haven in Mumbai during World War II. Rafting to Bombay is the story of how 5 year old Nahum and his mother escaped the Nazis in Poland, crossed Europe by train and sailed on a raft on the Tigris River until they reached the exotic and fascinating India of monkeys, elephants and Rajas. But Nahum’s childhood experience, which is remembered as an enchanting fantasy, was in reality, a chilling story of a last minute escape.

Unsettling poster


Grierson award-winning director Iris Zaki enters the heart of Tekoa, an Israeli settlement in the West-Bank,and sits down to talk to the locals. Though fearful at first of the left-wing invader, settlers from various backgrounds gradually open up to her. Their honest, surprising and sometimes funny conversations offer a fresh take on Israeli reality from both sides of the Green Line.

A Mirror for the Sun Poster

A Mirror for the Sun

Tamar Ariel grew up in a religious home in a moshav in southern Israel. Encouraged to follow her dreams, she did two years of voluntary National Service and then joined the IDF Air Force, where she served as the first-ever Jewish Orthodox combat navigator. In 2014, wishing for new experiences after her military service, she traveled to Nepal. She reached the peak of the Annapurna mountain range with a group of Israeli and international hikers, only to encounter an unexpected snow storm. Tamar and her companions found themselves in a life and death struggle against the elements.

180 Degrees to Jerusalem

Everything is going great for the director: he inherited the benefits of a generation of New York Jews who turned their backs on their religious pasts and re-defined themselves in America. But when his ex-patriate Israeli hustler pal Shimon walks into the trendy Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills one day and walks out newly-religious – with a one-way ticket to a yeshiva in Jerusalem in hand – the director’s world is turned upside down.

Following Shimon to Israel, he moves through different spiritual and religious communities investigating and wondering if everyone – not just Shimon and Madonna – has lost his mind.

Hello, Goodbye

When they move to Israel to explore their Jewish heritage and revive their failing marriage, fifty-something French emigres Alain and Gisele Gaash arrive in Tel Aviv to find their luggage lost, their apartment gone, and Alain’s new job taken.