Tsahi Halevi



Tsahi Halevi is an Israeli film, TV and theater actor, singer, dancer.  In 2012 he began his acting career, appearing on plays at Habima Theatre and Haifa Theater.  In 2013, Halevi starred in the drama film Bethlehem, Ophir Award winner for Best Picture. In February 2015, the political-thriller television series Fauda first aired on YES. In it Halevi portrays ‘Naor’, a member of a Mista’arvim unit. He later appeared in the 2015 drama film The Kind Words as ‘Rikki’.

Photo credit: Tal Shachar


2019 Mossad, in the role of Guy Moran
2019 Jarhed: Law of return, in the role of Sgt. Razor
2019 Forgiveness, in the role of Ezra
2019 All in, in the role of Yaki
2018 The Angel, in the role of Gadaffi
2018 Mary Magdalin, in the role of Ephraim
2016 The Kind Words, in the role of Ricky, director: Shemi Zarchin
2016 Damascus Cover, in the role of Rami Elon, director: Daniel Berck
2013 Bethlehem, in the role of Razi, director: Yuval Adler


2019 The Grave, in the role of Gabi
2016 Beni Aruba, Sheick, director: Rotem Samir & Omri Givon
2015 Betulot, Haim, director: Adam Sanderson
2015 Hamidrasha, Liron, director: Dani Sirckin
2015 Fauda, Naor, director: Assaf Bernstein
2015 DIG, Udi, director: Gideon Raff
2014-2015 Metim Lerega, Shlomi, director: Yoav and Doron Paz
2012 The Voice, season 1, until final stage


2019 Flashdance (musical), in the role of Nick
2015 Hazamir, original musical, lead
2013 Ish Hasid Haya, musical, lead, Habima theatre
2006 Taxi, in the role of D.J, original by Sigal Avin, Habima theatre
2005-2007 Kong Solomon & Shalami The Cobbler, musical, chorus, Habima theatre
1999-2010 Mayumana