The Accursed (Episode 2: Yona Wallach)

In the last two years of her life, the poet Yona Wallach suddenly became a public figure. The scandal caused by her poem “Tefillin” had serious cultural and political implications, her poems set to music became radio hits, and the way she dealt with her cancer was covered intimately by the entire media. Hagai met Yona once as an adolescent and was exposed even then to the cruelty and madness so closely associated with her. He returned to her years afterward to document her as she took account of her life and described the love she felt for the young man living with her. Yona speaks the way she wrote and lives, with boundless intensity, intoxicatedly beautiful language, and rare courage.

The Accursed (Episode 1: Pinchas Sadeh)

Series description:
In this innovative new series, Hagai Levi portrays four Israeli cultural heroes who fluctuated between genius and madness. These artists rebelled with rage and scorn at the bourgeois lifestyle and dominant culture, and endeavored to create an avant-garde alternative. The series offers a glimpse into the spirit of Israel in the 1970s and 1980s, a time which seemed to offer one last chance to live an alternative lifestyle. The Accursed investigates  the idea of the total artist, examining whether and to what degree we are prepared to pay a steep price for the creative truth burning inside us.

Episode One:
In the 1960s and 1970s, the book “Life as a Parable” had a cult following. Poet Meir Wieseltier said that it had the same “revelatory impact as the launching of the Sputnik into space.” Young people followed Pinchas Sadeh like a prophet, and came knocking on his door in the middle of the night. Hagai, a trouble, self-destructive teen from a religious kibbutz, was one of them. He felt that Sadeh could change his life, and perhaps even save it, so he worked up the courage to meet with him and photographed their encounter on his Super-8 camera. A single knock on the door began a relationship that lasted thirty years, in which Hagai would document Sadeh up until his death. His admiration turned into anger and criticism, though it finally turned into acceptance. Through this relationship he was able to get an intimate look at Sadeh’s total approach to life, at the young women who surrounded him at all times, and at the young people nearest the author, many of whom ended up killing themselves. We come face to face with all the scandals, but also with Sadeh’s books and poems.

Srugim – Season 1, Ep. 15

Season One comes to a close when Reut makes some serious changes in her life to regroup; Amir pursues Yifat seriously but might have made a mistake along the way; Nati opens his eyes to an overdue realization; Hodaya swears to become “unreligious.”

Srugim – Season 1, Ep. 14

Reut discovers that her sister is getting married which causes an unexpected stir of her emotions; Nitzan throws Nati a surprise birthday party much to his dismay as the distance builds between them; Amir and Yifat grow even closer, but is Amir being completely honest?

Srugim – Season 1, Ep. 13

Yifat is riddled with mixed emotions, in love with two different men—one who loves her and one who rejected her; sparks fly between Nati and Nitzan, but will it last? Hodaya’s niece comes to visit, creating a world of trouble for her aunt.

Srugim – Season 1, Ep. 12

The bond builds between Amir and Yifat; Reut’s boyfriend tries to get a job, he’s still insecure about her career; Nati connects with a stranger at a hospital fundraiser; and Shabbat dinner is almost back to normal, except for the tension in the air.

Srugim – Season 1, Ep. 11

Reut and Amir visit Yifat at her new home, and Amir can’t stop coming back, while Reut’s boyfriend Yochai tries to prove himself to her, and Hodaya searches for answers regarding her forbidden love for Avri.

Srugim – Season 1, Ep. 10

Episode 10: Hodaya bathes in the mikveh, even though she is an unmarried woman and she continues to question her relationship; Yifat takes a leap of faith and moves away from Jerusalem to Ma’ale Elisha, and Nati tries to make different plans for Shabbat.

Srugim – Season 2, Ep. 12

In this latest episode, everyone gives us a glimpse of their true character. Hodaya tries to balance her choices and her family, Yifat gets a breath of fresh air, and Amir has to decide what’s more important: his country or his wife.

Srugim – Season 2, Ep. 11

Big changes for everyone this week. Hodaya gets a visit from her mother and becomes paranoid about everything, but is she wrong to do so? Yifat tries to help, but what can you do? Reut is apparently no good with kids, but Roi is. Too bad he’s not so great with adults. Speaking of kids, Nati is starting to get very close to Evyatar, but Dafna is still keeping a close eye on him.